Key Features

Character Selection

To start playing the game, players can purchase their characters from either HERO store or marketplaces. Before each battle, the player can select the team of characters to participate among all characters they own. They will constantly upgrade the characters’ power through completing tasks, winning PvP battles, and applying in-game items.

Daily missions

The heroes will have to perform daily missions to upgrade their strength, rank and receive valuable items.

Rewards & Hall of Fame

After each battle, the heroes will be named and ranked in the hall of fame.

After finishing a battle map, Heroes will receive the reward of that level

Map selection

There are many maps with varying degrees of difficulty.

Players can choose among the unlocked maps that match to their Heroes level.

HERO Store

The HERO store is where players can buy in-game items with their STEP points.

World Map

  • World map shows the player's progress.

  • World map is divided into various areas. Each area contains a number of sub-maps corresponding to the levels that the players have to complete.

  • After 3 or 5 levels, there will be a boss-killing mission.

  • The player will unlock heroes, weapons or items after conquering an area.

PvP Battle

PvP Battle is based on the basic PvP mechanism of turn based combat

  • In the battle, each player can use an equal number of characters (minimum is 1, recommend 3 or 5). User can choose between Full Auto combat and Manual combat.

  • In Full Auto combat mode, no user can interfere with the match.

  • In Manual combat mode, the player prepares weapons and additional items before entering the battle. Then, the player build a squad of characters, then click "find a match" to choose someone to battle with (online playing feature)

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