Game Plot

In the beginning, with one hand, God created three worlds and all the living entities on them. At the same time, with his other hand, God created Archangels and angels - the higher beings who possess supernatural powers and magical abilities. God granted the three Archangels, his faithful servants, the authority to guard and rule the three worlds.

Archangel Lucifer, the most devoted servant of God, was entrusted with the mission of creating and ruling the human world.

God granted Lucifer the guardian of the Jewel of God - the sacred Jewel with the power to create life.

Although Lucifer held human beings in contempt, as a faithful servant of God, he still carried out his duty for thousands of years. Under Lucifer’s guardian, the prosperous development of human civilization has satisfied God. However, Lucifer still wondered about one thing. He asked God: “Dear my lord, what is the meaning behind the creation of human beings?”

God answered: “While humanity may appear to be a little, insignificant species, they possess infinite potential to become superior beings, one of whom will inherit my power and position one day.”

God's answer aroused Lucifer's hatred toward humanity. He has always looked down on humans and considered them an inferior race. He also always believes in his position below one person, above ten thousand people. He feels betrayed when God wanted to choose a successor among those people instead of his loyal servants. Deep down inside, Lucifer was insecure because of the thriving human race. He feared that one day the humanity would truly become the ruler above the angels.

He begins to search for like-minded angels with the continuous conspiracy of overthrowing God to rule heaven. They called themselves “The Army of The Darks”.

Lucifer and The Army of the Darks waged war to overthrow God and the other angels. Holding the Jewel of God enables Lucifer to have the power to challenge God.

In the final face to face combat, God successfully suppressed Lucifer, thus ending the war. However, after the fierce battle, God’s soul was badly damaged and he had to seclude himself for recovery. The human civilization was almost wiped out ,and only a few survived to rebuild the world.

The Jewel of God was broken into shards. The Jewel of God’s life creation power stemmed from the Spatio temporal. Once it is destroyed, the broken pieces will be sucked into the turbulent timeline and distributed in many different spaces-times.

Lucifer and the Army of the Dark were defeated and they had to retreat to the dark hell. Still, they were trying to collect all fragments of the Jewel of the God with the hope of rising again.

In the game, players will take the role of medievally fortunate commoners who receive a piece of the God's Jewel. Under the guidance of Archangle Gabriel, he/she will become the Hero and embark on a journey collecting the Jewel pieces to prevent Lucifer from destroying humanity.

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