Step Hero

Key features

Character Selection

When entering Gunfire Hero, players will be given 1 default character among 9 available ones in the game.
Each character has 6 star ranks (from 0 to 5), 80 levels (from 1 to 80).
  • Players can upgrade Hero star rank by spending Hero shard and Hero medals.
  • Players can level up Hero by using STEP tokens and Hero medals.
The higher level/star rank Hero will have the higher chance of winning.
The upgrade process will repeat until the Hero reaches the highest star rank/level, upon which all his stats will receive a huge boost. The more stars/level the Hero has, the more $STEP tokens, Hero medals, and Hero shards are required to upgrade him to the next star rank/level.


You can unlock more characters or change the appearance of your equipment by collecting skin or skin tokens. Items drop from the winning stage.



To start playing and earning, characters are required to be equipped with weapons. Weapons will have the effect of increasing attack power. Therefore, weapons with higher rarity or higher level will deal more damage.

Armor & Gear

Each Hero can equip upto 2 items that can increase the stats of the hero: Armor and Gear. Armor boosts HP and one stat/perk defence of a Hero. Gear increases additional damage against 1 class of enemy: ground/fly/melee/range.
Players can level up equipment by spending $STEP tokens and assembling all of the material pieces. Simultaneously, the rarity of equipment can also be upgraded by fusing 3 items with the same rarity (as the original equipment) in order to receive 1 equipment item with higher rarity.


HERO shard: used to level up Hero from 9 to 10, from 19 to 20. HERO medal: used to evolve Hero star rank.




There are 5 rarity levels in Gunfire Hero: Legendary Epic Rare Uncommon Common
Rarity levels only apply to NFT equipment, not to characters or materials.
With 4 rarity levels: Epic, Rare, Uncommon, Common, players can get by opening chests or fusing required items.
Particularly with the highest rarity level: Legendary, players can not receive it through buying chest. The only way to own Legendary equipment is fusion.

Game Modes

Stage Mode

In Stage Mode, players will go through 8 maps following the story of the game. You can only unlock the next map after winning all the previous maps.
If the player runs out of stamina, HP before defeating the final boss, the game will restart from the beginning.
Endless mode will be unlocked after passing through 8 maps.
Items will be dropped during the game: $STEP, Equipment, Equipment material, Skin. Rewards when clearing zone: $STEP, Stamina, Equipment, Equipment material.

Endless Mode

The Endless Mode includes one session which is divided into 20 rooms; each room will be picked randomly from all available world maps.
The required XP to level up in each room will be random between 2 pre-filled numbers on the server.

Endless Mode leaderboard mechanism:

Ranking points are based on the number of floors and rooms that the user has cleared in Endless Tower. For example, a user who clears 2 floors will have a higher rank than a user who clears 1 floor. User clearing 2 floors 5 rooms ranks higher than user clearing 2 floors 4 rooms.
The leaderboard will reset after a 21-day cycle and will display the top users with the highest rank. At the end of a cycle, the system will sum up the reward according to the user's current rank and pay the reward to the winners.
Items will be dropped during the game: $HERO (from leaderboard), $STEP, Equipment, Equipment material, Skin (per turn)

Weekly Event

The Weekly Event has four difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare, with increasing rewards for each. The Weekly Event also has extra milestone bonuses (in $STEP )
Each event will be held on a day of the week. On Monday, Metal Dungeon will begin: Participate in collecting metal elements to upgrade heroes with the corresponding element. From Monday to Thursday, you will earn extra rewards after clearing room 10 and room 20.
The Weekend Boss Event takes place on Saturday and Sunday and has 12 rooms. Each room will have 1-3 monsters. You will earn extra rewards after clearing room 6 & room 12.
Items dropped during the game: $STEP, Hero shard, Hero medal.
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