Step Hero team is backed by high-profile advisors who are experts in blockchain project consultancy. Their invaluable experience has provided our team with critical strategic guidance.

Mr.Orion Depp, Advisor

Managing Partner at Master Ventures Polkadot VC Fund

Mr. Orion Depp is a veteran in crypto funding and advisory. Before that, he was the former Tech Stock & Sell-Side Crypto Analyst and Dot-com CEO. He is also a crypto thought leader with more than 200k followers on Twitter.

Mr. Kamran Iqbal, Advisor

Co-Founder and COO of BSC News. As our investor, advisor, and communication partner, he will assist our project on community development and brand marketing. Furthermore, he will connect us with his extensive network of partners who can support the development of our project.

Mr. Thi Truong, Advisor

Mr. Thi has years of expertise in the blockchain space. His most successful initiative is PolkaFoundry, which was launched in 2018 to make the benefits of blockchain more accessible to the general public. He worked as a Software Engineer, then as a Solution Architect before being elevated to Director at FPT Corp. Following his departure from FPT, he worked as a Product Manager at Kyber Network, one of Asia's most well-known blockchain projects initiatives. He advises us on the company growth strategy and roadmap.

Mr. Thanh Dao, Advisor

Mr. Thanh has been involving in cryptocurrencies since 2016 as a Bitcoin miner and investor. He got his MBA from UWIC and worked as a manager in Vingroup and later as the CTO of Nexty (a public chain project). In 2017, Thanh founded ezDeFi and launched various products. Thanh is currently CEO of ezDeFi and the project is reaching constant new growth.

Mr. Evan Luthra, Advisor

Investor and Entrepreneur. Evan Luthra is an entrepreneur who builds and invests in fast-growing technology companies via his Incubator Fund StartupStudio online. He is a thought leader in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies space. Evan Luthra has been the topic of various TV shows and has spoken live at hundreds of events in over 50+ countries. Evan Luthra has millions of followers across various social networks. He supports us in various fields, especially marketing strategy and promotional tactics.

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