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HERO Marketplace
Access to HERO Marketplace at:

Get Started

    You can choose between Metamask wallet or other wallets.
    Approve the connection between HERO Marketplace and your wallet. After successful connection, there will be the Wallet button in place of the Unlock Wallet button.
    Now, click Explore to discover HERO Marketplace's superior features.

Browse HERO Marketplace

Browse HERO Marketplace to find your desirable HERO Collectibles.
In this first version released on August 31st, HERO Marketplace is available for trading NFTs that are HERO Collectibles. In the future versions, we will update with the features that allow users to list and trade all types of NFTs.

Sort out your desired NFTs

Select the criteria that match the HERO Collectibles you are looking for. The list of attributes include: -
    Price: Select the price range and click Browse
    Character: Select the characters you want to browse for. Currently, there are 5 available characters, which are: Mage, Archer, Morgan le Fay, Leonidas, King Arthur. Other characters will be available for sale soon.
    Element: Select the elements you want to browse for. There are 5 elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Light, Dark
    Rarity: Select the rarity you want to browse for. There are 6 rarity levels: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Mythical, Legendary.

View NFT details

After having found your desired NFT, click on it to view the information.
Click on an NFT to view its details.
You can view an NFT's Attributes, Offers, Price History, and Trading History.

Buy an NFT

    Click on the Buy button.
Click the Buy option
    Click the Checkout button.
Click the Checkout button.
    Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Make an offer

    Click on the Offer button.
Click on the Offer button.
    Enter your offer and click Make Offer.
Click on the Make Offer button.
    Your offer will be listed on Offers. You can Cancel your offer at anytimeân

Sell an NFT

Access to your profile

Click View chest in my account now.
    You will be directed to your account page.
Your account page.

Manage your assets

    Click on the Assets tab. Here you can view all of your NFTs.
Click on the Assets tab.

Sell your NFTs

    Click on the item on your Assets.
    Click Sell
    Enter the quantity, price, start date, expiration date, then click Post your listing.
Enter the information and click Post your listing
    Confirm the transaction on your wallet.
    Your NFT will be listed on HERO Marketplace.
    Now you can view your listings on the Listings tab on your profile.

Manage your account

    Access your account through this link:
    You can view the following information:
      Assets: On the Assets tab, you can view all of your NFTs
      Listings: On the Listings tab, you can view all of your Listings
      Offers: On the Offers tab, you can view all of your Offers
      Favorites: On the Favorite tab, you can view all of the favorite NFTs you have saved to your collection.
      My chests: On the My chests tab, you can view all of your Mystery Chests
      Referrals: On the Referrals tab, you can view all of your referred sales.


Wondering how to get more passive income?
With a few simple steps, you can become an affiliate promoter on #HEROMarketplace and earn 0.3% affiliate commission on all your referred users' lifetime transactions.
    After your Affiliate link has been created, click on the Copy button to copy the link. You can share the link with other users. When a user accesses HERO Marketplace through your link and successfully connects their wallet, they are counted as your referred user. You will get at least 0.3% commission on all of their lifetime transactions.
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