Step Hero

1. Can I get real money for these characters?

Yes 😊. Our Step Hero game is based on the Play-to-earn mechanism. As a player, you can earn in several ways, such as:
    Earning award prizes when winning in Player versus Player (PvP) battles.
    Selling in-game items such as healing potions, power-impulse-potions, and self-crafted weapons on the marketplace for money.
    Upgrading characters and trading them later. The more unique and powerful their characters are, the more profit users earn.

2. So there will still be copies of the characters? or is each character unique and in a single copy?

Each character is backed by a truly unique NFT that is indistinguishable from any other NFT and can be farm by $HERO tokens. Each collectible is inimitable, authentic and differs in rarity. The Step Hero NFT collection can easily be integrated into art and other blockchain connected products.
About NFT technology:
About our characters:

3. What does the rarity of the NFT depend on? How many levels will be created?

The Hero collectibles are classified into 4 levels:
    Level 1 items: Level 1 items represent 6 basic characters with the lowest strength level.
    Level 2 items: Level 2 items represent the other 6 characters who are more powerful. Level 2 item's designs are more sophisticated than level 1 items'.
    Level 3 items: Level 3 items represent the most sophisticated and powerful characters
    Level 4 items: Level 4 items include 2 special characters who have superpowers and are extremely hard to collect

4. What do Hero and Hero LP mean?

In the Hero Collection, the 4 levels of the item are divided into 2 groups:
    HERO: Include level 1 and level 2 items. These items can be redeemed with the reward points generated from Heroes Farming.
    HERO LP: Include level 3 and level 4 items. These items can be redeemed with reward points generated from Heroes LP Farming only. See more: Hero Farming mechanisms.
Learn more at:

5. How can I receive these collectibles?

A two-tier mechanism performs the farming of POINTS.
    Tier 1 - Heroes LP Farm: When users provide liquidity for HERO - MATIC pairs on QuickSwap, they will earn QUICK-V2 LP tokens - the LP tokens of the QuickSwap platform. Then, they can stake QUICK-V2 LP tokens to earn reward Points. The reward Points from Heroes LP Farm can be used for redeeming NFT Hero collectible items in Heroes LP (level 3 and level 4 items).
    Tier 2 - Heroes Farm: Proportionally, when users stake 1 HERO, they will earn 1 Point/day. The reward Points from Heroes Farm can be used for redeeming NFT Hero collectible items in Heroes (level 1 and level 2 items).

6. What are you planning to profit from and how can I make money on your platform?

Once you earn enough points, you can redeem them for a collectable NFT Step Hero collectibles. It entirely depends on you to collect them for yourself or sell them to others on the NTFs Market. With the vast development of Binance Smart Chain, the value of HERO collectibles will increase respectively due to its scarcity and high liquidity. We will launch a NFTs Market to support the liquidity of Hero NFT as well as the whole NFTs systems.

7. Will your platform will be available on phone?

Of course, we're planning for mobile apps.

8. As I got, I will be able to create NFTs by myself, right?

HERO NFT Marketplace (HNM) is a Multi-Chain based NFTs platform where users can create, sell, and buy NFTs digital content easily. A creator just needs to upload their digital content such as pictures, artwork, select a blockchain network and other settings of the NFTs to create limited NFTs versions of the content. You can read more about this at:

9. What make you different from other NFT gaming projects?

    We provide you with world-class collectibles created with the most sophisticated graphic design that is valuable in the marketplaces.
    We bring you the most novelistic gaming experience with an NFT fantasy-themed RPG game with intriguing gameplay and storyline.
    We offer you a cross-chain NFT marketplace equipped with superior features such as NFT auctions and affiliate programs where you can earn in several ways.

10. Will you have a referral program?

There is no referral program at the moment but it'll be launched soon. Please stay updated!

11. How many HERO Character do I have to own to start playing Step Hero RPG?

You can start playing Step Hero RPG with only 1 HERO Character. There's no need to collect a squad at the beginning.
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